What do you get when you combine two creative masters of their particular field into one performance? A one way ticket into another realm, that’s what. With Tipper’s enthralling, tripped out beats, and Johnathan Singer’s mind melting visionary artwork, the audience is taken on a psychedelic journey like no other.

Watch this never before seen footage of Tipper live from Rootwire Festival, featuring Johnathan Singer’s visuals and get a sneak peek of what’s to come when these two team up once again at Cirque Du Freq for a visually entrancing Halloween experience that you will have to see to believe!

96741 lg Sneak Peek: Tippers Visuals at Cirque Du Freq [Video]

Did One Direction’s album FOUR really leak? Well that’s been the rumor today, especially on Twitter! So this morning I was just ya know browsing on Twitter when I came across this hashtag…. #FourGotLeaked! Of course at first I was like… …

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Jim, Roth and Chris weigh in on which upcoming comic book movie focusing on super villains — Suicide Squad, Venom Carnage or The Sinister Six — they’re most stoked about and why.

Joan Rivers was Kathy Griffin’s comedy mentor and close friend until the very end. The Hollywood Reporter now claims that Griffin is at the top of E!'s short list for Joan’s “Fashion Police” replacement. Earlier this month, Page Six said the 53-year-old comic campaigned for the gig while Rivers was still in a coma, a report that Kathy vehemently denied. According to THR, formal conversations have not taken place — which mirrors Kathy’s tweet yesterday, “Just 2 clarify.