Crunk (2)Crunk | hipsterwave - Part 2


Saturday, April 26, conscious party pioneers, Grateful Generation, returned to LURE in Hollywood for ABunDance: Tribe. Let me tell you about the midwives who ushered me into this world of receptivity. I start my night meeting a vendor whose labor of love is a gluten free tapioca flat bread. When I walk on to the dance floor I see a woman with her arms raised pressed against the stage to feel its vibrations. Be as open as you want, they say. Express as much of yourself as you like.



Yes, it is a club, the drinks are expensive, and a security guard walks through the crowd periodically. However, Grateful Generation makes you feel like you’re camping in the desert with a group of strangers rediscovering the birth of civilization. The outdoor accommodations provided by LURE aid in this group-dream. The sounds of Kraddy and Jason Burns fresh from Coachella add to the mix as well, along with HugLife, Buku, and Daniellow.


Performers like Le Sirenes intermingle with guests. Regulars to the monthly ABunDance events dress in the night’s theme, Tribe. Dancers perform with hula hoops, light staffs, pythons, and even electric sparks created by angle grinders. Before I arrived, I was curious to find out what a conscious party could be. Seeing the celebration grow, I realized that it’s a collaborative way to satisfy an elusive urge we have to feel like we belong. When we satisfy this urge we have more of ourselves to give to others, hence the concept of abundance. I look forward to the next Grateful Generation event, ABunDance into the Future returning to LURE May 31, 2014.