So you might not have heard of ie.Merge, but seeing as he has won nine American national titles and 4 global DJ champion titles. Merge started DJing at the age of 13 and was inspired by major DJs on the turntablist scene such as DJ Q-Bert and DJ Craze.

“Myspace Sampler:”

DJ Craze (left), ie.Merge (right):

“Focus Your Ears (Scratch Sentence 1):”

ie.Merge Jamster.com ringtone commercial:

DMC 2004 winning routine:

“Midnite Juggle (Juggle Sentence 1):”

ie.Merge and Machinedrum using a DVD scratcher and effects:

“Music Makers (Scratch Sentence 2):”

“Kill Your Self (Scratch Sentence 3):”

“Juggles From The Vault (Juggle Sentence 2):”

“At Ease (Scratch Sentence 4):”