MalLabel Music Presents:

M AL019: Mochipet – Spacezilla
Release Date: June 28th, 2011 exclusively on Addictech

01 For When the World Ends
02 Spacezilla
03 Planetary Paleon Pet
04 Planetary Paleon Pet (Minnesota RMX)
05 For When the World Ends (Udachi RMX)
06 Spacezilla (Konekta RMX)
07 Spacezilla (Fresh Young Minds & Skulltrane RMX)

Mochipet, founder of seminal glitch hop label Daly City Records, has taken time from his busy schedule to churn out a blazing hot new EP for MalLabel Music!

Spacezilla is a danceable West Coast bass music masterpiece, chock full of fantastic and funky rhythm and whomp. Mister Pet presents listeners with 3 original tunes, “ Spacezilla,” “ Planetary Paleon Pet,” and “For When the World Ends.”

The title track is a swank and swinging stepper that enjoys 2 dynamic rerubs by veteran remix tag team Skulltrane and Fresh Young Minds and up and coming glitch designer Konekta. “ For When the World Ends” enjoys a retooling by the skillful and amazing Udachi. Rising West Coast bass music hero Minnesota steps up to tackle a remix of “ Planetary Paleon Pet.”

If you want to know what it would sound like if a giant purple dinosaur from California were in space designing funky original beats for you to shake your ass to, then let Mochipet show you how it’ s done!

Sure not to disappoint, the Spacezilla EP on MalLabel Music is on its way to you direct from somewhere outside Earth’ s atmosphere, due to touch-down and rock the world in T-minus 10!

While you are awaiting arrival, Mochi is having a contest, the winner of which will be awarded with free entry to the Spacezilla release party 6/30/11 SF. He wants to know the answer to the following: “ If Mochipet were to battle Godzilla in Outer Space, what weapon would he choose?”

Submit your answer to Mochi’s FB page:



Here’s a preview of the track Spacezilla, from Mochi’s latest forthcoming record, Spacezilla, set for release on June 28, 2011.

Upcoming Mochipet Shows:
6/10/11 – Chicago, IL (US) @ Kinetic Playground – Mochipet @ Kinetic Playground 1:30am
6/11/11 – Hamtramck, MI (US) @ Mars Bar – Mochipet @ Mars Bar 12:30am
6/17/11 – Milwaukee, WI (US) @ Miramar Theater – Mochipet @ The Miramar Theater 11pm
6/18/11 – Bellefontaine, OH (US) @ Zane Shawnee Caverns – The Blastoff
6/24/11 – Nevada City, CA (US) @ COOPER’S ALE WORKS
6/25/11 – San Francisco, CA (US) @ Public Works – Mochipet w/ Futuremousepet
6/30/11 – San Francisco, CA (US) @ Temple – Spacezilla Record Release Party at Ritual
7/16/11 – Reno, NV (US) @ Wurk – Mochipet @ Wurk 2am

Also, if you want to check out a recent mix of Mochipet’s on, go here.

This is the tracklist:
01) Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (Mochipet Remix)
02) Mochipet vs. MC Zulu – Roll Back
03) Mochipet – Bassadonis
04) Big Pokey FT. Slim Thug – Boss Hogg On Candy Acapella
05) Bass Science – Rockstars
06) Far East Movement – G6 (Mochipet Remix)
07) Encanti – Untitled
08) TI – What You Know Acapella
09) Kano – Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
10) Mochipet – Whomp-a-saurus Sex (ill-esha Remix)
11) Mochipet – RAWR
12) Van Halen – Running With The Devil Acapella
13) DK aka Donkey Kong – Yuah Acapella
14) Nirvana – Teen Spirit (Dual Remix)
15) Mochipet – WuWu
16) Beach House – Norway (Deceptikon Remix)
17) Mochipet – Whomp-a-saurus Sex
18) Mochipet – Spacezilla
19) Juakali – Crossing (David Starfire Remix)
20) Mochipet – Brontosaurus Beats Ballet
21) Jantsen – Sultan Swing
22) Black Sabbath – Sweat Leaf (Mochipet Remix)
23) Ewun – My Name Is Fame
24) Mochipet – 420 Remix
25) R U Ready (Original Mix)
26) Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (Original Mix)