While I have never had the time or money to update my wardrobe for each season, there are a few simple things that everyone can do to update their summer style. The first suggestion is to incorporate more color in every aspect of your wardrobe. One easy way to do this is by switching out your black bag for a fun, colorful one.

Another colorful summertime trend that I have noticed is coral makeup. Whether it is lips, nails, or cheeks you will be looking really fresh and dewy. Adding colorful accessories to any outfit always helps as well, I am particularly into large earrings lately.

Don’t forget your feet. There are so many cute, colorful ballet flats out right now that look adorable with every outfit, business and casual. You can find ballet flats at everywhere from Target to Nordstrom, starting usually around $20.

Being from California, I love wearing shorts. Although shorts are usually colorful, I have been noticing more and more printed shorts and rompers lately, which are super cute. Also, don’t be afraid of mixing prints, when the color palate is the same, mixed prints can look really good together.